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Surfing in Cabarete

Whether you’re interested in learning to surf or brushing up on skills, surfing in Cabarete is a top choice for many local Dominicans and international tourists. With warm waters year-round and local surf legends like Victor ‘Bobo’ Peralta offering private lessons it’s a no brainer to give surfing a try with this perfect combination. Beginners […]

Damajagua 27 Waterfalls

When we write the word waterfall, what comes to mind? We think the words adventure, fun, beauty, adrenaline and peace are fitting. Did you know there is a trek to 27 waterfalls in the Damajagua, a lush tropical jungle and forest just outside Puerto Plata? Whether you’re an adventure traveler, parent bringing your kids to […]

Kite Surfing in Cabarete

Cabarete is known around the world as a kitesurfing mecca. This piece of paradise offers ideal conditions for kiteboarding. With more enthusiasts discovering Cabarete as the place to experience the hottest watersport on the planet, it’s no wonder so many aficionados come here year after year.   Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, is a sport […]

Top Hikes in the Dominican Republic

While Cabarete, Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic) is known as a kitesurfing and beach destination, there are several truly incredible hikes within driving distance that are A MUST before you leave our slice of paradise. Best way to see the parks: With tour operators like Iguana Mama offering guided hikes ranging from 3 hours to 3 […]

Best Restaurants in Cabarete

The Dominican Republic was formerly a Spanish colony. Similar to Spain, the most important meal of the day is lunch. Dominican Republic’s local cuisine is influenced by indigenous Taino, Spanish, French and African gastronomy. Some of the most popular dishes can be found in cities across the world as many Dominicans brought family recipes for […]

Top things to do in Cabarete

Located on the northern coast, Embocca is one of the best places to stay in Cabarete Dominican Republic for tourists from around the globe. While one might think they are limited to ocean sports – seeing as Cabarete is known as a kite surfers paradise, there is a vast array of activities and destinations inland […]

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