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Surfing in Cabarete

Whether you’re interested in learning to surf or brushing up on skills, surfing in Cabarete is a top choice for many local Dominicans and international tourists.

With warm waters year-round and local surf legends like Victor ‘Bobo’ Peralta offering private lessons it’s a no brainer to give surfing a try with this perfect combination. Beginners can learn to paddle, stand and catch a wave. Intermediate and advanced students can refine their skills by learning from the master himself.

What can I expect when surfing in Cabarete?

Instructors and guides like Bobo will normally start with a 2 hour instruction to evaluate your surfing skill level while providing the history of surfing in Cabarete, in depth wave knowledge and essential surf safety rules.

You will be provided the most suitable surfboard according to your skill level and body type. Having the right surfboard is as essential as professional coaching and supervision. Expect to learn the correct way to step up to a higher level if you’re an intermediate or advanced student.

Can I show up on the beach and rent a surfboard?

We feel it’s best to work with experts that can guide you to find the perfect water conditions to learn and hone your skills. Professional surfing schools like Bobo Surf’s Up are top choices for beginner and intermediate surfers. While advance surfers can always rent or bring their own boards.

“It is a perfect and strategical relaxing place for beginners to learn and practice with safety in the reforming white water, while at the same time the intermediate and advanced surfers can perform and enjoy the unbroken clean face of the waves” – Bobosurfsup.com

Where are the surf schools located?

The surf schools in Cabarete are located within few minutes walking distance from main breaks.

I’m traveling in the fall; will the surf schools be open?

The majority of surf schools are open year-round and provide daily surfing lessons for: beginners, intermediate, advanced surfers. Feel free to check with us or call the surf schools prior to leaving your home country to find out projected wave conditions. If you decide to take a lesson once you arrive in Dominican Republic but left your board at home, there are ample places to rent a board for a few hours or the full day.

How much does a surf lesson cost?

Surf schools like Bobo Surf’s Up offer competitive pricing for 2-hour lessons:

  • Private Lesson: 1 on 1 with water assistance instructor $45 USD per person
  • Semi-Private Lessons: 3 Persons Max with water assistance instructor $40 USD per person
  • Group Lessons: 4 to 20 Persons Max with water assistance instructor. $35 USD per person

If you’re interested in purchasing a surf lesson package, Bobo’s offers 3 and 7-day intensive private surf lessons:

  • 3 lessons intensive private surf course. Price starting at $125 USD per person
  • 7 lessons intensive private surf Course. Price starting at $270 USD per person

Interested in a surf camp?

We have you covered! There are ample surf camps in Cabarete that offer 1, 2- and 3-day courses. This is where you’ll be able to meet travelers from around the world to share one common love, the ocean.

Can children take surf lessons?

Yes, kids are able to take surf lessons. Keep in mind, the minimum age is 6 years old and a parent must remain with the child at all times.

Is there anyone that shouldn’t take lessons?

  • Surfing isn’t recommended for pregnant travelers
  • Persons with heart problems or other serious medical conditions

When you book Embocca Cabarete, our team of experts will take care of booking lessons for you prior to and/or during your stay.

Damajagua 27 Waterfalls

When we write the word waterfall, what comes to mind? We think the words adventure, fun, beauty, adrenaline and peace are fitting. Did you know there is a trek to 27 waterfalls in the Damajagua, a lush tropical jungle and forest just outside Puerto Plata?

Whether you’re an adventure traveler, parent bringing your kids to see nature at its finest or photographer looking to capture the beauty of Dominican Republic – the 27 waterfall trek is one you simply shouldn’t leave the country without experiencing.

Depending on how much time you have you, get ready to experience anywhere from 1 to 12 to all 27 waterfalls in hikes guided by experts like Iguana Mamas.

Where are the Damajagua 27 waterfalls?

The 27 Charcos (a.k.a. waterfalls) rest along the Rio Damajagua. Local and international travelers alike have been exploring this part of the Dominican Republic for decades. While water coming from through the rocks have been etching into Dominican Republic’s terrain for millenia.

Do I really need a guide?

Yes, all visitors much have a guide to visit the waterfalls, no matter one’s experience level. We can attest, having a guide makes this trek 10x more fun than going solo. The team at Iguana Mamas will match you with the perfect guide based on your personal or group preferences. Whether you want to take it slow and connect with nature or you’re looking for a great cave to swim in, they will take your preference and ability into account, so the trek is a joy filled workout.

What comes with a 27 waterfall trek?

  • Park entrance fee
  • Transport from Amber Cove to the Damajagua 27 Waterfalls
  • Life vests (you must wear a vest on the trek)
  • Helmets (you must wear a helmet on the trek)
  • Lunch
  • Snacks, purified water, sodas and rum (on the ride back to port)

What should I bring?

  • Waterproof camera for photos in the caves
  • Water bottle
  • Bathing suit
  • Change of clothes
  • Backpack
  • Hat or visor
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Slip resistant water shoes
  • Hiking shoes

What can I expect on this trek?

The tour will start out with a one mile, mostly uphill hike. The full trek is not for the faint of heart. It can become very hot, especially in the late spring and summer months. When you have a private guide, it makes this hike to paradise much more pleasant – especially for a beginner hiker.

The majority of the waters do not harbor critters. However, they aren’t clear – so your best bet is to listen to the guide about which waterfalls are swimmable vs. jumpable and climbable. When the guide gives you the go ahead to take a dip, you’ll head into cool blue waters. Most of the water is waste deep for a person of average height. Keep in mind, the mineral deposits that come from water pouring down the rocks make the water look murky. This is nature at its finest so push past what’s holding you back and take that dip! If this isn’t adrenaline pumping, the guide will be sure to step it up, just let them know you want something “more epic”.

Guides will give you the options on some of the waterfalls to Jump, slid or walk down. Do what feels most comfortable for you and never be ashamed if you take the easier option. You know your comfort level and the trek isn’t about getting to the final waterfall fast, it’s about emerging yourself in every piece of this part of paradise.

Are kids allowed?

Children ages 8 years old and over are allowed to go on the full hike. While younger children can head to waterfall #1 with an adult family member and local guide.

Embocca Cabarete’s team of experts are at your disposal to book this hike ahead or during your stay, as well as arrange transport to and from the starting if you aren’t renting a vehicle.

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